Ok … Week Four

Hello all,

Continuing with the theme of intelligence and machines, I am turning the wheels back in time and we will look at Turing’s 1950’s text called Computing, Machinery and Intelligence.

Below is an article about Alan Turing which gives some context to his life. The film “The Imitation Game” with Benedict Cumberbatch was also based on his life. (Not required)

Code-Breaker – The life and death of Alan Turing by Jim Holt


Week 3

Hello People et al,

So, I would like to reiterate several things before we get too far into the semester. Please note:

1)Class starts at 10 AM.  Please make arrangements to be in class by then.

2)I do not accept response papers that are late. If you are missing more than 2 by midterms it will begin to affect your final grade. However, I will give you an opportunity to do an extra credit project at that point.

3)Response papers should be written by you. Please do not worry about grammar or spelling. I am more concerned with hearing your ideas and ideas can be messy.

4)Please have your texts printed out by class. Many people are reading the texts on their phones which I am not sure is as effective. Bear in mind that you get to print 150 free pages a week in the lab on the 2nd floor.

5)Keep up the good work!

Here are the readings:

The New Yorker article is about Nick Bostrom.

“The Doomsday Invention: Will artificial intelligence bring us utopia or destruction?” published in the New Yorker by Raffi Khatchadourian

Here is his website. (not required)

The Future of Artificial Intelligence and Cybernetics by Kevin Warwick

Several of you mentioned the 2045 Initiative.  Let’s take a look at it so that we can discuss as well.

Week 2 – Cyborg Manifesto

Hello All,

First of all, good work yesterday! Moving forward:

I’m looking forward to hearing all your thoughts on the Donna Haraway’s seminal text: Cyborg Manifesto. Please write your response about the text.

I have posted below John Berger’s Ways of Seeing Episode 4. (Please watch it when you have a chance and we will discuss it but you don’t have to write a response.)  After the success of the TV show he published a book which I am also posting Here. (It is not required reading)