How Computers Shape how We think and Related Topics

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Below I have posted a link to Laura Poitres’s film Citizenfour which features Edward Snowden.

And here is a talk by Stephen Wolfram on the ethics of AI.

Next week we are going to look at several texts that step back and look at how the internet and digital technology shapes how we think and how this may be according to some philosophers problematic.

Please read: Sherry Turkel’s How Computers Change How We Think.

Kierkegaard on the Internet: Anonymity vrs. Commitment in the Present Age by Dreyfus

In addition, I know its hard to believe but midterms are rapidly approaching and you will have a take home midterm essay. You will however be given some class time to do it. More details soon.


Please Please Come to class on Time!!

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So, I hope you enjoyed sleeping in on Tuesday!

In addition, to the readings I want to encourage you to go to the conference at Hunter College this weekend called Codes and Modes. I will be there much of Friday and I hope to see you.

In the wake on the CIA hacks that wikileaks leaked I would also like you to read With the Latest WikiLeaks Revelations about the CIA – is privacy really dead?

Also, keep please check back … I will be posting a few more readings that will not be due until next week.

Algorithms, Big data and Surveillance

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Next week we will continue to look at how big data, algorithms and mathematical models function playing into preconceptions, fallacies and reinforcing prejudice. We will also unpack surveillance in the information age.

Please don’t forget to come to class on time. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, as always.

How Algorithms Rule our Working Lives by Cathy O’Neil

“Employers are turning to mathematically modelled ways of sifting through job applications. Even when wrong, their verdicts seem beyond dispute – and they tend to punish the poor.”

Cathy O’Neil recently published a book called “Weapons of Math Destruction”. Here is the Introduction.

She also blogs at mathbabes. Please read her latest post published on Bloomberg Views called How Data can make Immigrants look like Criminals.

Data Data Data

Hello people,

Thanks for your patience. So, next week is going be all about “big data” and what the “information age” actually means and how it affects people.

Please read the following excerpts: Wh0 0wns the Future by Jas0n Lan1er  (easy read)

part 1 Ch 1 –  page 27-39

Part 2 Ch 5, 6, and 7 pg 92 -118

The New Gold Rush? Wall Street Wants your Data by by Matt Turck (just another blog post)

And lastly: Art/Science and Big Data Gordan Knox (It’s only one page)

You may write your response paper about any one of the three. Looking forward to our discussion!