Final Paper Guidelines and MDA: A Formal Approach to Game Design and Game Research

Final Paper Guidelines 
Proposals are due on May 16th
Final paper is due May 23rd. 

Your Final Assignment is to write a 1250 – 1500 word, technical paper that explores a hypothetical, Innovation Prototype. You may write about a new game, artistic experience that encompasses cutting edge  technology, a product (hardware) or a program (software). You should include diagrams, or images but they do not replace the word count.

The Idea:

Why do I care?

The idea development is critical. It may be something that you would actually like to create or it could be a bit more hypothetical but you must think it through thoroughly. Remember that science fiction is most interesting when it is based on fact.

You must research your idea and discuss in your paper any research or products that exist and are related and then discuss how your idea builds on it and how it is different.

You must define all key terminology and how you are using it in your introduction.

I am posting some guidelines from Stanford and Columbia to follow below but generally speaking your papers need to include:

Introduction: This should include related projects or products. What your idea is built on – why it is important and what problem you are solving.


  • problem
  • approach

Technology Design

  • results

Future Work

Please note that these links often assume experiments and equations. Do not invent these but rather describe your process. For game design refer to MDA for product design you want to discuss the problem you are solving, your audience, the development process and  the solution.


Also please look at: MDA: A Formal Approach to Game Design and Game Research

and don’t forget to read Bloodchild by Octavia Butler

I think I mentioned the author Junot Diaz last week. Here is a talk he gave recently.  (optional)



Speculative Fiction

hello everyone,

I have been grading the midterms much of the day but am still not finished. I promise that you will be receiving your papers back early this week. Please excuse the delay.

For next week please have your final paper proposals ready to pitch and be approved.

Does Science Fiction closer to the truth?

For next week we will be reading Bloodchild by Octavia E Butler.

I am also posting Derrick Bell’s (the god father of Critical Race Theory) allegorical story called Space Traders. (suggested)


Synthetic Biology, mushrooms and the future continued

Great to see you all!

For Next week Please read:

Synthetic Biology: What it is and Why it Matters Doc May 01, 2017, 23_06 by Alistar Elfick and Drew Endy

The Technology That Will Build Our Future May Be Found In Mushrooms by Maddie Stone

Octavia Butler: A Few Rules For Predicting The Future

and write a response paper. I also want you to begin to think about what you will write your final project on. Proposals will be due the following week.

Speculative Design, Fiction and Futures

I can’t say how happy I am to be back but I’m also feeling the loss time. So lets go ….

Today in class we will be working with Benjamin Bratton’s text: On Speculative Design.


Also IBM has produced an exhibition using Watson called: Hidden Portraits  – (If you go and write a review with original pictures – it will count as two missing reflection papers.)

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