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John Berger made a four part TV show that was screened on BBC called “Ways of Seeing” It was later made into a book.  (Not required but interesting)  Many of his ideas were influenced by Walter Benjamin.

” Man With a Movie Camera ” by DZIGA VERTOV – 1929 from Eve Reewear on Vimeo.

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Here is a link to The Language of New Media by Lev Manovich

How Media Became New pg 21-27 – in class

For Wednesday please read:

“The Principles of New Media pg 27- 48

For Monday read and write a response paper on:

The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction by Walter Benjamin

Your weekly response papers should be 1-2 pages long and are due on Monday unless otherwise specified. I’m aware that this is a difficult text and we will be reading and discussing it in class.

Here is a possible approach:

As you read the text, underline segments that you think are critical. Jot down thoughts about the meaning and how it may relate to media in the digital world. Compare ideas presented in the text to other articles you may read in the past. Write down questions you may have as you read. Think about if you agree or disagree with a particular idea and why.

When you are finished reading: look over your notes and put them into coherent thoughts and sentences. You may add the page numbers that you are referring to – s0 that we can use the primary source to address them. Looking forward to seeing you all on Monday and hearing your thoughts on this critical text which has been very influential. Let me know if you have questions.